SPAM Classic, 7 g of protein, 12 oz

  • Sizzle, Pork And Mmm! SPAM Classic has a mouthwatering taste that kicks up any breakfast, lunch or dinner: omelets, mac & cheese, burgers
  • The “meat of many uses”, from sandwiches to casseroles, SPAM Classic adds meaty goodness to quesadillas, pasta carbonara or eggrolls for another level of Mmm
  • SPAM Classic works great for hot family meals, cold lunches or bbqs! Add it to breakfast, lunch and dinner and know you’re getting the good stuff
  • It’s America’s #1 canned luncheon meat brand* - made with simple ingredients, has 7 g of protein per serving, and is fully cooked and shelf stable 
  • One 12 oz. can of SPAM Classic; bring deliciousness and creativity to a wide range of meals