Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Laxative, Original 12 fl oz


  • Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia Liquid Laxative, Original, 12 Fl Oz: Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Original Flavor liquid laxative works with the body's natural process to relieve occasional constipation and helps you get back to regular.
  • Formulated with Magnesium Hydroxide, Phillips' Milk of Magnesia offers cramp-free, gentle relief of occasional constipation without the use of harsh stimulants. Gives you gentle, overnight relief
  • This classic, medicine-cabinet standard is available in three soothing liquid flavors: Original, Wild Cherry, and Fresh Mint.

Collections: HEALTH & WELLNESS

Category: alka Seltzer, cortizone, lotrimin, lotrimin ultra, tums

Type: Medical