HALLS Minis Honey Lemon Flavor Sugar Free Cough Drops, 24 Drops


  • 1 pack of HALLS Minis Honey Lemon Flavor Sugar Free Cough Drops (24 menthol cough suppressant/oral anesthetic drops total)
  • Relieve coughs, soothe sore throats, and cool nasal passages with sugar-free Honey Lemon flavor menthol cough drops from HALLS, the trusted cough and throat lozenge creators
  • Each miniature HALLS Honey Lemon flavor cough drop has 2.5 mg of menthol and temporarily relieves coughs due to a cold, as well as occasional minor irritation or sore throats
  • These cough drops are small in size but just as effective as standard HALLS menthol cough drops. The portable, pocket-size pack contains unwrapped drops for discreet, effortless, and wrapper-free relief
  • Get cough relief on the go with convenient flip-top packs. Toss in your bag or purse or keep one in your office drawer, school desk, or car to alleviate occasional throat irritation anytime, anywhere