African Pride Olive Miracle Deep Conditioning


African Pride Olive Miracle Regular Deep Conditioning Anti-Breakage No-Lye Relaxer

  • Enriched with African shea butter, olive oil &herbal oil extracts.
  • Formulated to strengthen and protect hair during the entire relaxer application process, this deep conditioning, anti-breakage no-lye relaxer system leaves hair softer, silkier and more manageable than ever before.
  • Vitamin-rich African shea butter, olive oil and herbal oil extracts infused conditions and moisturizes deep inside hair.
  • Experience the improved African Pride for beautifully straight, silky-smooth hair with radiant shine. Softer. Silkier. Straighter.
  • Kit contains: Instruction sheet, gloves & mixing stick, herbal infusion pack, liquid activator, deep conditioning no-lye creme relaxer, neutralizing shampoo, leave-in deep conditioner.

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