Advil Cold and Flu Pain Medicine and Fever Reducer Coated Tablets, 20 Count


  • Includes 20 coated tablets of the Advil Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu medication
  • One powerful pill relieves your toughest cold and flu symptoms, so you can power through your day
  • Over-the-counter formula fights eight symptoms associated with the common cold and influenza – nasal congestion, nasal swelling, runny nose, sneezing, sinus pressure, headache, fever and body aches
  • Unique triple ingredient formula with pain reliever (Ibuprofen), nasal decongestant (Phenylephrine HCI) and antihistamine (Chlorpheniramine Maleate) – to tackle your worst cold and flu symptoms
  • Only multi-symptom cold and flu medicine with the #1 selling ibuprofen brand
  • For use by those 12 years of age and older