Dove Men+Care Men's Bar Soap Deep Clean, 3.75 Oz., 8 Bars

  • Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar thoroughly cleanses and hydrates skin for healthier, stronger skin versus regular soap. Deep Clean bar that effectively washes away bacteria, nourishes your skin
  • with 1/4 moisturizing cream, each Dove Men Deep Clean men's bar soap targets dry skin and provides moisture for healthier, stronger skin, compared to regular bath soaps
  • This men's soap moisturizes better than ordinary soap can and washes away easily for a non-greasy feel. Our unique body soap technology was developed for men's skin care
  • This #1 dermatologist recommended hydrating body bar and facial cleanser lets you feel clean and invigorated every time you shower
  • Dove Men+Care face soap and body soap for men were developed specifically for men's skin. When a typical bar of soap won’t cut it, reach for Dove Men+Care
  • Dove Men+Care Body Bar fights skin dryness and feels better than regular soap

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