Lever 2000 Bar Soap Original, 4 oz, 8 Bars

  • CLEAN AND FRESH: Lever 2000 Original Bar Soap delivers a refreshing clean with the classic scent you know and love.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANSER: This bar soap effectively washes away dirt and bacteria while eliminating body odor.
  • CLASSIC FRAGRANCE: Enjoy the refreshing scent of Lever 2000 as part of your skin care routine. Your skin will feel invigorated and revitalized all day long.
  • FOR A THOROUGH CLEAN: Lever 2000 Bar Soap is gentle enough to use on your hands and as a facial cleanser.
  • A REFRESHING SHOWER EXPERIENCE: Our body soap is clean rinsing and contains deep, but gentle, cleansers.
  • AFFORDABLE QUALITY: Enjoy the quality formulation of Lever 2000 bar soap that’s perfect for the whole family.

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