Moneygram At 4 Crew: The Best Way To Wire Money From The Ports

Moneygram At 4 Crew: The Best Way To Wire Money From The Ports

November 09, 2018

Moneygram At 4 Crew: The Best Way To Wire Money From The Ports

The holidays are here! Tis the season for sharing and giving - and sending money home to family and loved ones when you are in port.  4 Crew makes it easy for seafarers to wire money home with Moneygram. Moneygram is the easiest, fastest and most economical way for seafarers to send money to their loved ones from Port Everglades or Port Canaveral. If you are asking, “What do I need to do to send money from the Port?”, then you have come to the right place.  Here we answer ten (10) frequently asked questions about 4 Crew’s Moneygram service to make it easy to send money home:

Question #1: Where can I purchase a money order?

Answer: Seafarers can purchase a money order at 4 Crew. Alternatively, you can purchase a money order at a supermarket, check cashers or other independent retailers.

Q #2: Can you send money to direct someone’s bank account?

A: The answer is yes, this is actually one of the best ways to send money internationally because the fees are lower when you do it. MoneyGram allows you to send money directly to a bank account in select countries and even to M-Pesa mobile wallet accounts in Kenya, Tanzania, and Romania and to Econet accounts in Zimbabwe.

Q #3: When sending to a bank account, how long will it take for the funds to become available in the receiving account?

A: This depends on where you’re sending it, usually, it takes MoneyGram a few hours to deposit money. So, if you're sending money home your loved ones will most likely receive within a day.  You can find the likely time frame for your country by checking it on the MoneyGram website.


Q #4: Should I keep my money order stub/receipt?

A: Yes, you should keep your money order stub/receipt just in case you want to make changes to the money order or contact MoneyGram.


Q #5: When sending money to be picked up as cash, how long does it take for the money to become available for pickup?

A: Money is typically ready for cash pickup within minutes after the transfer has been sent successfully regardless of payment method.  This can vary internationally due to local laws/ regulations and business hours.


Q #6: When your loved one or family receives a money order, where can they cash it?

A: They can cash it at their local check cashing location. Each location has their own policy for cashing money orders and may charge a fee, so account for that in the money you send from 4 Crew.  If you’ve wired the money directly into their bank account, they should be able to withdraw in cash there. The recipient will need their ID to cash the money order as proof that they are the person you want to receive it. Sending to one person via another friend or family member? Then it is best to fill the Moneygram form with the person you want to receive the money as the recipient - rather than the name of the person they will deliver the money to.


Q #7: I purchased a money order and sent it to a person/business. How can I find out if it has been cashed?

A: This is where keeping your Moneygram receipt comes handy, for this process you will need to enter your money order number and exact dollar amount of your money order. After you have those in hand, you can find out if the money order has been cashed by calling  1-800-542-3590.


Q #8: How do I track the status of a transfer?

A: You can track the status of your transfer for up to two (2) days from the time you sent it. The added advantage of sending your Moneygram from one of 4 Crew’s locations at Port Everglades or Port Canaveral is that you can use the online MoneyGram Track a Transfer tool.  Just look it up using your authorization number or the reference number and you will see the status.

Q #9: I sent my money order to a company/person and they say they never received it. What do I do now?

A: If you sent a money order and the person said they never received it, it might still be in the mail if it's been less than two (2) weeks. If it’s been more than two (2) weeks and you have verified status, you may request a replacement after you make sure that the money order hasn't been cashed. There is a fee for this service and you will need to have the Moneygram receipt you got when you sent the money from 4 Crew.

Q #10: How safe is my personal information?

A: 4 Crew makes sure that your personal and financial information can only be seen and used by you and MoneyGram to prevent fraud and protect your privacy.

At 4 Crew we put you, the seafarer, and your needs first.  We are happy to have been serving seafarers in South Florida since 1999 and look forward to helping you send money to your loved ones this holiday season! Visit us at: or call us at 1-800-732-6367